Laying some things out there.

We all need someone to look up to. We all deserve to find that one person we truly trust. Yet, neither of those things is easy to come across. Why is that?? From where I am standing, this has become a very self centered world. No, there’s nothing really new about that fact…other than that now in the age of technology it seems to be magnified.

For example…it’s one thing to be proud of an accomplishment. We all deserve to feel that. But with all of the social media outlets, I think too many have progressed from being Proud…to gloating, like it wasn’t good enough to just be proud that you had the best time in a given event…to I’m number one, or two or three, above everybody, with the now overly boastful undertone.

Every single person is entitled to their own opinion on things. Just because my opinion is DIFFERENT from your opinion, does not make either one right or wrong. Just because someone voices their Opinion on something you’ve said, that doesn’t give you the right to judge me or condemn thrm for what they havebsaid. Sure, we can engage in a debate about the given subject….but be careful that doesn’t escalate too far.

Sometimes we keep things too bottled up because we fear hurting others feelings, or we fear the judgment we know will come. But what we dont think about is how much damage we do to ourselves by keeping it all to ourselves. We forget that it’s ok to put ourselves first. If voicing your feelings causes you to break ties with someone….that’s ok. Not everyone is meant to be in your life forever…including family.


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