Some days are hell….

The pain is excruciating, the emotions are quite raw. I may yell, or cry…I want to throw up, I want to sleep without the drenching night sweats. I want to be normal, I think….or at least to be ok. The way I am right now sucks, I really suggest that folks just stay away. I don’t want to bite heads off, or meltdown when someone simply says hi.

I have come so far I think, to let it all just slip away. But most in my circle of daily life just dont have a clue how I really am. That saddens me in a way, because it says that no one seems to care enough to see that I only wear a mask. Solitude would be great right now, to just let it all out and others not have to accidentally see.


4 thoughts on “Some days are hell….

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  1. Sending you a ray of light…you are loved even in your days of hell. And you are very precious to so many people, me included. Don’t give up on yourself…
    A warm hug for the bravest and the brightest warrior. You’re always in my heart and in my prayers.

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    1. Aww, thank you my friend. I am far from giving up, that’s for sure… Just letting the human side show just a bit. A reminder to all, that even those that are called to be helpers, healers, motivators, etc… are all subject to rough days now and then. You are very dear to me, my friend… and you always manage to say what is needed most. Thank you and may I return the warm hugs to you. I’m not so sure about that ‘bravest and brightest warrior’ part…lol, I still think those are big shoes that I don’t quite fill yet… ❤


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