Take off the blinders, and really look at life!!

As we go through our daily life, we come upon many different, and sometimes difficult, people and/or situations. We are usually very quick to try and judge, or blame, our downfalls on these things. But what if we take a different approach to that for a change.

We need each and every experience that comes upon our path in order to build us into who we are to become!! So, that difficult situation is there for us to learn a lesson from. The agitating people we deal with are actually there for a reason. Figure out what it is. How can you ever truly better yourself, if all you deal with is perfect circumstances?? If you don’t face adversity, how can you learn things such as humility, understanding, compassion,etc.

Maybe your life is to involve God, be it actively or just behind the scenes…after all, he created you for a purpose. He puts things in our journey that he knows we need to face.

So, take a moment today to reflect over your life. Learn to find the positives in every situation!!! Yes, even in death- there is a positive…if you are willing to find and accept it!!! Allow yourself the understanding that comes from learning to look at life through clearer vision!!!


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