Passion on fire… No stopping me now!!

Since starting my blog back in April, I have watched myself go through some transitions. I don’t seem to have a set style, with some being more topic oriented, and others having a huge touch of personal to them. I still don’t really know which works best for what I want to accomplish, but I do know that it will work itself out.

How does one take that step into the role of becoming a motivator for others? Is it a gift you are born with? Is it something you go to school to learn? I often wonder if I have what it takes…I guess time will tell on that one. I watch and listen to others, letting what they say, and how they say it, soak into my mind…into my soul. Ironically, when I listen to my favorites…I realize I have a lot to learn still. There will be fears I have to overcome, no doubt. The biggest one being my comfort with getting up in front of people! If I truly want to build my empire, I have to get past that.

A lot of my dilemmas with that point is the ‘proper image’ that society says a public figure should be. I am not a teeny tiny female…. I have curves, a few extra pounds, and due to childhood problems with my eyes, I am very self conscious about my weaker eye. How can I ever become the beauty queen that society expects? But on the flip side of that- why do we feel that we have to conform to societal stigmas?? If I build up the self confidence as a full figured woman, isn’t that enough to allow me to set myself up as an example of ‘bucking the system’? Even without the proper education from a formal college degree, I believe in my heart that experience in life itself can provide the groundwork to become a motivator of a lifetime!!!

My determination is on fire and I refuse to allow anything to hold me back from my dreams!!! I hope that each and every one of you will stand up and accept yourself for who you are right this very minute. You are amazing just as you are!!! And your dreams are within your reach – you just have to believe!!


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