Why are Mondays always so heavy with thoughts??

I include ‘her’ in every book I start to write, and yet never have the courage to finish. Who is ‘her’?? It’s a sliver of who I am, or who I want to be! The perfect love stories, the romances with some mystery, each starter I have seems to all have a ‘her’ as the main character, and most certainly is a piece of me.  I wish I didn’t write like that.  It makes me feel like I am exposing pieces of myself that just don’t need to be out there.

But then, I guess they aren’t actually out there yet, as each and every one of them is sitting on the shelf – unfinished. The fear is greater than will right now when it comes to those. But I desperately wish that wasn’t the case.  Someone might actually like the work, and not knowing me…no one would ever really come to know me by my writing either.

I never actually took any writing classes, or college classes – period, that would help with any of the ventures I want to pursue. I keep hoping that I will still be able to get things together to appear like I know something though.  The school of life has certainly taught me more than enough for a lifetime!! I know, everyone says it’s never too late to take a class or two… and maybe I will be able to do that sometime soon. But, for now… I must rely on sheer determination to help me succeed.

If only there were ‘do-overs’ for certain aspects of life. I would most certainly like one in the area of my financial status.  The younger me would have thought a little harder about some of the frivolous choices I let us make.  I would have learned to save for the future, not always live and spend as though it was the last day.  But, there are no ‘do-overs’ so I must start from this point forward.  I have much I want to accomplish, and it is going to be up to me to make it happen.

So many ‘hidden talents’ in me….the love for writing has me wanting to do all sorts of things. The brush across the canvas seems very therapeutic to me as well, though abstract is almost all you would ever see. I hope to allow my words, and other gifts, to help others one day at a time!!


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