I just don’t wanna anymore…

Now that the joyous festivities are over, it’s time to really step back and think about all that is going on in life and all that seems to have fallen on my shoulders.

There comes a point when even the strongest person needs to let go…but when you are really a weak, mess of a soul hiding behind a mask of strength for everyone else….the meltdown will be inevitable!

Time back at the water will be my healing grace, I just pray that it is soon! I tell myself that I cannot let others see me at my weakest….yet, here I am sharing it in my post. Guess what… I’m human too. But it feels like those closest to me, think I am super mom or something. I don’t grieve, I don’t let my true anger at things show, I don’t let my stress levels show. The hurts and disappointments that I experience, I keep to myself. Those that hurt me, will never know their damage.

Is it wrong to be that way….probably so. I KNOW it’s not healthy to keep emotions all bottled up. And I would be the first to tell others that they need to find a way to allow themselves to go through the emotions. But, somehow I can never live up to my own words. In a moment of weakness, I lay it all out for my blog followers.I am sorry my friends.

We all have our characteristics and our flaws that make us who we are. Many have told me that by opening up here at my weakest moments, I am actually showing my strength and courage. Maybe so, I can only hope. As I continue to find my way along my path, I know I will start to heal myself more and more in an effort to help others heal as well.

We are only human, and can only endure so much. Just remember that! Find someone you trust to open up to, and just let it all out. Let out all the anger, all the tears, the frustrations, everything. Then allow your soul to simply rest for a bit, then step back into your life with a determination and confidence that you believe you will succeed at anything you truly wish to do.


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