Movie magic…


If it were a movie, this would be a magical tunnel leading you anywhere you wanted to go. I don’t know that I could decide on just one place though.  There’s so much in life that I would like to experience and see.

The very thought of being on a road trip through a nature rich environment such as this picture is something I would love to do for sure.  Just soak in the beauty that has been placed all around us. Man didn’t make the trees, nor did he create most of the streams. It took man to lay the roads to see such things, but then there are also hidden treasures that cannot be reached by any manmade road.

We all need to take the time to get out in nature, breathe the fresh air, smell all the aromas, and just remember to appreciate all that we are blessed with. We all take so much for granted, even when we don’t necessarily mean to. It just happens.

I would love to know…..back to the magical tunnel – Where would you go? What would you be drawn to??  It would be so tough, but I think I would want this to be a bridge to heaven, so that I could visit for just awhile with all my loved ones  that have already passed on. I would love to spend hours with one grandmother and aunt in particular.  I want to tell them so much about my life.  Yes, I know that they know every step I make,  but I would love to share things from my actual perspective.

I look forward to hearing where your bridge would lead… ❤




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