Is it so wrong to be authentic to YOU?

“If you follow someone else’s path – you will end up at their destination. Is that what you want? So follow YOUR heart to your dreams to what you are most passion ate about. Most important, enjoy your journey and find your own destination. You owe it to yourself after all – to fulfill the destiny that is rightfully yours.”

Far too many people who I know have found themselves living a life their parents created for them. It is expected of us to finish high school, get that degree that everyone else expects you to get( doctor, lawyer, computer genius, etc), then find the love of our life, settle down and start a family.

Why are we made to feel bad though, like there is something wrong with us, if we want something totally different? We are so afraid of disappointing our loved ones that we resign ourselves to a potential lifetime of misery.

Don’t allow yourself to become another generic robot of society. Don’t force those fake smiles to appease everyone else, all the while you feel like you at living a lie, because it isn’t your life.

Listen to your heart – what it’s telling you to do, or how you should live. Let it become your life’s mission to do what makes YOU happy. You have to be authentic to the true you.


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