Bring it all into perspective!

I don’t know about any of you, but it seems like I am constantly setting myself up to fail. I set the expectations so high, that there is absolutely no way I can realistically get it done. Why do we do that?? I know part of it comes from others, i.e. parents, family, teachers, etc. trying to form our minds to the high goals that they set for us.  When we don’t achieve one of those, then it has the potential to affect us psychologically. Not every child is going to be a straight A student, despite all the studying. I understand wanting the best for your kids, but why on earth would you imply that they HAVE to be an honor student, or superb sports player, cheerleader, etc. When we try to en grain OUR wants into THEIR lives…well, that is just a lot of pressure that they don’t need.

Each and every person is destined to be good at something in their lives, but it has to be up to them to figure out what. I know for me, the more that things were pushed on me as a kid growing up, the more I can’t stand those things now as an adult. And because those high expectations were set for me back then, I still find myself doing the same to my adult self now. I fell short many times as a kid, and it’s almost like I sabotage myself now to prevent the successes.

It’s time to set some realistic challenges for myself, and do what it takes to obtain each one. I have dreams that I want to come true, but catch myself thinking that I’ve set them too big, completely unobtainable. Cut yourself some slack if you aren’t completely perfect! Guess what, NO ONE on this earth is perfect! Do what you can, take it in smaller steps if you need to…you will get there when you are meant to.


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