The lump in my throat is growing…


I know that so many people think that animals are ‘simply animals…pets…’, but after 10 years for caring for and loving a little 4 legged fur baby…. they truly do become a part of your family.  Lilly came into our lives at just 6 weeks old as a birthday present for my animal loving daughter.  Now it breaks my heart to know that we will be putting her to sleep tomorrow. She never met a person she didn’t like, and has brought countless hours of joy to all of our lives. There will be a void in our hearts that will never be able to be filled again.  Each fur baby that comes into your life holds a special place and they can never be replaced. We have been procrastinating the inevitable….but the time has come. With a massive tumor on her belly, and a very aggressive 2nd battle with heartworms….. she tries to be her playful self, but the cough due to the heartworms and the pain from the tumor is taking a toll on her. Poor baby has tears streaked down her little face most days.   She will be laid to rest at my daughter’s home so that she will forever have her there with her.  I hope tomorrow goes smoothly for all of us, especially Lilly…. but she will finally be pain free… 😦


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