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Do You Ever Feel Like There Must Be “Something Better”? — Redefining Joy

In the midst of what I am hoping to accomplish with my blog, and the other projects I have coming….. This blog is the epitome of the process.  For myself personally, I still believe I am in the ‘goo’ phase, it is the painful part of the journey in which you start letting go of the old to embrace the new…… Where are you at in your own journey??

Do you ever feel like there’s something better for you in life, that there must be something more than what is happening in your life right now? Does this sound like a different version of a Katy Perry song??? LOL…. read on, I have been here my friends. Could it be that “something better” […]

via Do You Ever Feel Like There Must Be “Something Better”? — Redefining Joy


2 thoughts on “Do You Ever Feel Like There Must Be “Something Better”? — Redefining Joy”

  1. All the time..Life sucks…when is it my turn to have good things..I look up and say “really? Cant do better than this”, just beam me up, I want out. Life? This isnt living.

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    1. I believe that we are all due to have good times in our life, we definitely have to have the grateful mind and heart to go along with it. Wanting out… I have been there in my own life before…many times… But, I learned that instead of looking at things from the negative angle- when is it my turn…. I learned to hold my head high and believe…it IS my time!! And things began to change…. I hope that better days are ahead for you, I really do!!!


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