A moment away from the media….

I am sitting out back by the lake as the sun sets tonight. The only thing that could make it better, would to be on the opposite shore to actually see the sun set. But, this right here is definitely alright.

Being at the water’s edge is the best way to end the day. Hearing the insects singing in the trees, the occasional fish popping up and rippling the water – so peaceful.

Here, one can forget the hustle and bistlw of the crazy, chaotic world around us. There’s no news channel on reporting about another tragedy, the cell phone barely has a signal (and I wouldn’t answer it here, even if it did). Let’s just reflect on the positives. The rest will catch up with us soon enough.

The mosquitoes are pretty thick though….ouch! They unfortunately are running me off tonight, but the time I was there….was just what I needed today. It’s time to focus on what’s to come. I am destined to do great things, and be the motivator and inspiration that others need.


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