Deny thy heart…

via Daily Prompt: Deny

She turned away at the sight of him coming towards her…knowing how easily she could give in. He had hurt her so many times, yet she could never tell him no. She just knew that there was real love buried in there somewhere, and it tore at her to think that she could deny her heart and soul the chance to look for it yet again.

As he got to her side, she turned to face him once more. The tears were streaming down her cheeks. Why does he keep coming back to her, tormenting her with the hopeless possibilities?? Can he not see what he is doing to her?  She is so weak, wanting desperately to feel his arms around her, pulling her close and telling her that he still loves her – that he has always loved her. Her heart is breaking inside her chest as she is trying to stand strong.

He reaches out to wipe the tears from her face, and she instantly collapses into his waiting arms. She simply can’t deny the way she feels about him.  In her mind, she knows he will likely break her into a million pieces. There will be no one there to pick them up and put her back together this time.

‘Please….don’t say things you don’t mean! Can’t you see what you’ve done to me?’ He didn’t say a word, only held her tighter and covered her with kisses until she melted into submission. She belonged to him, she always had.


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