On to the next chapter

Here it is, time for the next chapter in the book of our life. As I think about what is to come for me…I came across this picture that depicts the ideal serenity that I desperately need in my life right now.

The dream is to be sitting by the water’s edge, maybe with a cup of steaming hot chocolate,just listening to the gentle lap of the water against the shore. One by one I would like to toss my woes into the water, and watch them with my spiritual eyes as they drift away from me.

I want to look deep within my soul and find the courage to take the next steps to become the motivator that I long to be. I think grounding myself in nature is going to be a huge factor towards that courage. To take what I see as flaws with myself, and change my perspective to see them as attributes. Then to help others to do the same thing.

This chapter in my book is going to be a good one. And I am thankful to have every person that is with me on this journey!!


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