Sleep walking through life…

I know of no other way to describe it these days. So many of us, myself included, have become nothing short of mere mindless robots, somehow sleep walking our way through this life. We get up, go to work, go home or wherever else we need to after work, to bed and then up the... Continue Reading →


It’s time to start your day off right…

The tone you start your day with, sets the tone for your day. I bet you never really stop to think about than one, do you? Why not shake up a little then, and try an experiment. Get up in the morning, and spend the first 10 minutes – as soon as your eyes open... Continue Reading →

Answers in the solitude…

In the solitary chair, she awaited the sunrise. Her heart had been so heavy, burdened with all the negativity around her. She was tired of being judged, tired of feeling ashamed of who she was, and tired of struggling so hard to please everyone else. She started her morning walk down the coast a bit,... Continue Reading →

Are you even listening anymore?

We all get so distracted by the world around us. The noises, the negativity, the hatred…and it masks what we should be hearing of ourselves. The only person that truly knows you better than you know yourself, is the one who created you. You were no accident, you are not a failure. It is the... Continue Reading →

Laying some things out there.

We all need someone to look up to. We all deserve to find that one person we truly trust. Yet, neither of those things is easy to come across. Why is that?? From where I am standing, this has become a very self centered world. No, there's nothing really new about that fact...other than that... Continue Reading →

Solitude is…multi-faceted!

She claims she wants some alone time, to gather her thoughts and focus her heart. But, when the time comes to do something by herself, she feels so lost. She reaches out to try and find someone to go with her, but has no luck. So…off she goes to dinner and a movie alone. What... Continue Reading →

Some days are hell….

The pain is excruciating, the emotions are quite raw. I may yell, or cry...I want to throw up, I want to sleep without the drenching night sweats. I want to be normal, I think....or at least to be ok. The way I am right now sucks, I really suggest that folks just stay away. I... Continue Reading →

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