I am the lioness…hear me roar!!!


I used to be so focused on how the world saw me, and even worse – how I allowed that to cloud the way I saw myself. I am no Barbie doll… I have a little extra weight that I need to lose, my natural curly hair stays a frizzy mess with all the humidity in the air, I don’t really like pictures of me because I clearly see the oddity with my weaker eye, and the list goes on. I was the timid little kitten, but then something changed.

I became the lioness! I am here to make a difference in the world! My qualities that make me unique, are exactly what makes me special and will take me to the next level! My soul has awakened with a fierce desire to motivate and encourage others. I look in the mirror, and while I still see the quirks, I no longer see them as a flaw. I am finally strong enough to say that I AM BEAUTIFUL! Society has flawed us into thinking that beauty is measured by your waist size, and that is simply BS! Beauty goes way beyond the surface.

We must believe in ourselves enough to see beyond societal misconceptions! Once we get to that point, the world is ours to conquer. Change how you view things….Instead of saying I WANT to be beautiful…. Say with conviction I AM BEAUTIFUL!! Shout it from the mountaintop if that is what it takes. But BELIEVE IT! That goes for anything in life…. Being successful, being loved, wanting peace…. You ARE successful, you ARE loved, you HAVE peace in your life. You will be surprised how everything falls into place.

My gifts lie within my ability to take my words, and motivate others. Encouragement is a universal thing that EVERYONE needs at some point. Make it a point to drown out others opinions, and see your own truth!


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