Be your own fireworks!!


Why do we only get to shoot off fireworks on the 4th of July, and New Year’s Eve??  Shouldn’t every day be a celebration? I would think so.  I understand that fireworks every single day is not exactly practical, but it should be an option. You can’t deny the exhilaration that you feel when you hear the crack in the sky and see all of the colors exploding everywhere.  For a split second, you get to feel like a kid again – regardless of what age you truly are. That is the exactly how we should feel every day!

But, regardless if we get to have fireworks or not, we should always find the reason to celebrate we are blessed with. We have so much to be grateful for, but in the midst of all the clutter and chaos of daily life, we don’t always see it.  We get caught up in seeing only the negative things that have happened, we take for granted all of the positives.

You got up this morning right?! You should be grateful. Somewhere….someone else didn’t have that blessing. Did you have food to eat, or clothes to wear? You should again be so thankful. Don’t get so wrapped up in the materialistic view of it not being the right brand of clothes or the food not being exactly what you may have wanted.  So many others wake up each morning with absolutely no food to eat and only the clothes that they have on their back, and some with no clothes at all. So, next time you start to complain about what you have – for whatever you think is a good reason.  Please, rethink that idea.  Remember that all of that are blessings that could be taken away at any time.

So celebrate each day…. And the best way to do that (since we can’t have fireworks…) is to live that day to the fullest. Let your own light shine bright to help others around you!!


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