Are you content with simply being content?

I know you are probably thinking…what kind of ridiculous question is that?! It’s just that I have crossed paths with so many people lately that seem to have much the same outlook on life as I’ve had. They wouldn’t say that they are overjoyed within their life…but that they am content.  There’s no bells and whistles, there’s no laughing until you cry…you just go through the motions some days.

It seems to be a common theme within marriages, I’ve noticed. They stay together for the kids, or the financial security, or even simply not wanting to be alone. They are not HAPPY, but rather are content with the life that they have resigned themselves to live.

Why do we feel that is the okay way to live life? You have that near constant feeling that something is missing, but you don’t have the courage to go see if you can figure out what that missing piece is. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest extent each and every day.  That may or may not include having a partner right by your side every day.  You must learn to accept yourself, enjoy your own company, and understand that in the end – you don’t need that other person to complete you.

Now, before anyone goes getting upset me thinking that I am trying to tell you to end relationships or anything like that…THAT is not my intention. I simply don’t think we should settle for content.  If you truly love your partner, then find ways to communicate how you are feeling and look into ways to boost life’s enjoyment together.  But, on the other hand, if you don’t love them- think of the harm that you do to all those involved.

So, back to the question… Are you content with simply being content?


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