Have you lost your spark??

Why is it so easy to lose that spark that fuels us? Simply put, it’s because we give way too much to power to people around us. This can apply to the spark within your personal relationship, or maybe it’s in your career. It can be in any aspect of your life really. You no longer have that fire inside you pushing you to the goal. Allowing others that control, does so much damage to us over time. Sadly, most people think that damage has to be permanent, but that’s just not true.  Things can change, the spark can reignite. It comes down to ‘WANT TO’.


It’s time to take back control over your life! We all deserve the right to be happy in life, and to have a true spark burning for life in general. Let me ask you something.  When is the last time that you did something that was entirely for you alone?!?!  I have a feeling, a vast majority of you will probably say never.  I used to live my life that way!  But, then I realized… in reality – I am all I’ve got. Sure, we have spouses, family, friends….but, if we continually give priority to everyone other than ourselves then that only shows them that we don’t care enough about ourselves and they will run over you and take advantage of you until you wither away.  Stand your ground.  Show that you are important.


For many, they know all of these things that I’m talking about, but they are still afraid to make a change. Woefully, I regret to say that there is nothing I, or anyone, can do for them. Those that have been depleted to that degree have to come to conclusions on their own.  They have to find the strength to fight for their own lives, their own happiness.  We don’t NEED another person to COMPLETE us.  It may have sounded good in the movie…but reality is, we should complete ourselves!! Movies are made to sell, to romanticize certain aspects of love and life.  We all want someone to love us to that romantic degree, but we still need to maintain our independence.


I hope that something I have said will click for at least one person. Find the strength and courage to take your life back. We can help you along the way….but the fight to get the spark back has to be solely up to the person who is missing it.  Let your spark catch hold again, so that you can light up the world around you.  Each person has their own unique light, and the world needs every one!


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