Daily Prompt: Mighty

via Daily Prompt: Mighty

I jumped right onto the daily prompts like two or three days into my blogging journey.  I guess I somewhat overwhelmed myself, because it has been near impossible for me to find prompts that inspire me to shake the writer’s block lately.

The word MIGHTY can be tied to so much, but ultimately the first thing that came to mind – is the thought of becoming a mighty warrior in the crazy game of life.  To become a survivor of all the negative, toxic things that are flung at us on a daily basis. That is something that all of us should WANT in this life, but so many have to fight and struggle to even keep their head above the water.

There has been a number of motivators, musicians and ‘average Joes’ that have opened my eyes lately. To make sure an impression on others, for the positive…that should really be something we all strive for. But, regardless of what the rest of the world does… I am here to make a difference.  🙂


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