Can a lifetime of struggles lead to greatness?

I often sit and wonder…with all the stuff I’ve been through and dealt with in my life, is the expectations of achieving greatness something that is even obtainable?!?! It has ranged from trivial struggles, to matters of life or death, from repetitive financial struggles to deep emotionally scarring ones. How could I possibly have anything to offer???

But then I look at the very simple fact that I am still here, standing before everyone, prepared to share my life and insights in an effort to help others.I am constantly being told that I have a healing way with words that had already helped some that I know.

I sometimes think my dreams are too big…. That my fears are bigger than I can conquer. My heart and desire is so strong though, that I am determined to create the empire I see in my mind. I must see beyond the quirks and flaws I see that continue to hold me back.

Now, I know I still have a lot to learn about the blogging life, and how to best utilize social media and other such avenues. I need to find my ‘blogging voice’, but even more importantly, I need to get past the Verbal imperfections I see and head when I’ve tried to record a couple of videos.

This will be quite a journey, but it will be worth it in the end!!


2 thoughts on “Can a lifetime of struggles lead to greatness?

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    1. It certainly can. Someone made a statement to me the other day regarding this post, to the effect that if this was truly the case they should be on top of the world by now. Trying to form my response in a way that it didn’t hurt their feelings(it was a family member) I simply told them – you have to be willing to refuse to sit still. You have to WANT to make that greatness happen. It’s not going to happen to you ‘just because’, but rather it is a goal that you set for yourself, and then go after it! Which is exactly what I am doing within my own life now.

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