Why is true support really that hard to find?

I guess I am an exception to the norm…the more negative feedback, or saying I will never be able to reach my goals – that fuels me to prove everyone wrong.  That’s not how it should be though.

Ideally, when we decide on the path for our lives, we would like for those closest to us to be supportive of our decisions, and accomplishments.  When we don’t get that support, if often creates such a wall within our mind, that we start to doubt ourselves and our abilities.

Why do they always portray such negativity towards us? Is it because they truly can’t see our vision…or is it because they are afraid we will succeed and leave them behind? Sometimes, I really think it is the latter. People can, and do , outgrow each other, due to spiritual growth, emotional growth, or whatever other reason.

I also think there is passive support and active support. Passive support represents the obligatory, verbal affirmations of that support.  ‘Great job!’ ‘I’m so proud of you!’ Don’t get me wrong, the words are nice to hear and do help validate what we may be trying to accomplish.  Often times, that may be the best, and only way, that someone knows how to support you.  Then there is active support.  Now, in my mind this is when they can do actual things to support you. For example, if you are trying to start a business…they can help search for locations, help do any research that is needed…anything that requires action on their part.

When you don’t have any of that…..passive or active…it make your progression to the next step very difficult.  You are bombarded with all the negative reasons why what you are wanting to do won’t work.  If you face that response long enough, you will eventually begin to believe it yourself and will consequently give up on all of your dreams.

Why do we accept that? This is our life…we deserve to be fulfilled within our lives.  it is time to take a stand for yourself.  If you outgrown those around you, well guess what…there is a reason it was meant to be that way.  So, look within yourself and find the spark that fuels your passions.  Do what you want to do, go after what you want!!  Let’s do this together….consider me a part of your support system, and let’s go to the next level.!!!


4 thoughts on “Why is true support really that hard to find?

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  1. This is such a great post. I find that I allow certain people’s negative words to have much more influence than others, and this drives me bananas when I know that I should just put them on the Things to Delete from Memory list. With that said, nothing pushes me forward more than someone telling me that I can’t do something. I think that we are sassy souls and our, “Oh yeah?? Well watch THIS!” response won’t our spirits to be defeated. You keep rocking you bad assness my friend! You’re so amazing!

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