Why do we stop LIVING our lives?

We are all guilty of it, and we all tend to blame outside distractions. But ultimately, it is up to US to keep moving forward. I understand that fear plays a huge factor. I certainly know it does for me! That fear of failure, or maybe even of success…it can paralyze us to the point of becoming stagnant. We have to want that end dream bad enough that it overcomes the fear!
Believe me, I know that is easier said than done! I am honestly at that very point in my life right now. I KNOW what I want to accomplish…each and every goal that I have. But, when it comes to moving to the next step, I am stuck…mainly due to fear. Fear of the unknown…of making dreams a reality. 
So, how do we kickstart our progression? You just have to get up off your butt and do it! If you want it bad enough….then it will be worth it! You may outgrow those around you, and that has to be ok. You can’t let that stop you anymore. And, if you are luckily enough…they will grow along with you as you move toward your goals. If they choose not to…then that’s on them, not you.


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