Tears from heaven….


As soon as I saw this picture, the flood of emotion hit me.  The storms we’ve been experiencing, all the horrible rains and winds….  Tears from heaven my friends.  Tears from the Universe, from God himself, and from all the generations that have gone before us. They all shed these tears out of such sadness for the state of the entire world lately.  There is so much hatred, so much negativity, so much devastation at the hands of humans.

The generations before us – sure, they all had their own set of worldly concerns. But, I just don’t see where it was ever as bad as it has become as of late.  The violence in the world, the pain, the death, all of it….has rapidly escalated and we need to each do our part to make things right. Otherwise, rest assured my friends….Those tears from heaven just might get worse.




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