How will your story read?


There is a blank page before you, how will you story go? Will you tell of love or hurt, strengths or weaknesses? Hmm, the best part is that regardless of what you write about today – it doesn’t have to scar the entire book!! There will be another blank page tomorrow.

I used to think that there was no such thing as that blank page.  I believed that I was a result of every wrong decision and every failure in my life thus far. I put my heart into family – only to lose so many of them when I was still quite young.  As an adult, I chose to put my trust into the ones that hurt me the worst.  Because of all of that, I thought that was the what the sum of my life was…failure, pain and heartache.

When the realization of my purpose became evident to me, I was still so skeptical. How could I possibly make a difference for someone else after all that I had dealt with and the negative places I had been. But, that is exactly the reason why I will be able to!

We have all been asked at one time or another “If you could go back 5, 10 years etc… and could change ANYTHING, what would it be?” I used to have an answer for that!  But then I really thought about it. I needed to go through everything to get to where I am.  If I changed one single decision – the trickle down effect could be monumental. I might not have met certain people, or might not have had my kids, etc…. The point to all of that, there is no sense to truly have any regrets in life.  Sure, we can make better / different choices in the future…but don’t regret what is already done.  It needed to be that particular way to get you to this exact moment in your life.

So, make the most of that blank page before you each morning. Each day is a new page, leading to new chapters in your life.  Appreciate it all!



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  1. This is great. I’m so happy you have found your purpose and that you are sharing it with others. You brought up a great point in that, each page before our current page lead up to where we are now. Change any of that past and it would change who we are today. Thank you for pointing that out and reminding me that the past does shape our future and that it’s not a bad thing!

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