The Water’s Edge…


She made her way to the water’s edge.

She felt it lapping at her feet.

Life was so full of turmoil,

She was emotionally beat.


The moon shone brightly tonight,

As though it was lighting her way.

It beckoned her into the water,

She had no reason to stay.


In her eyes, she wouldn’t be missed.

She could never do anything right.

The tears began to well up,

So she clenched her eyes up tight.


Out of sight, out of mind –

No one would notice she was gone.

She was nothing but a screw up,

Everything she did was wrong.


The water was cold as she took those first steps,

It felt like pins and needles upon her skin.

There was no holding back the tears now,

They flowed freely, dripping from her chin.


The pain she felt inside was definitely real,

The broken heart, the devastated soul.

Her steps took her further in the water,

Deep down she knew she would never be whole.


The freezing water was at her waist now,

There was still time to turn around.

Her misery had her sick inside,

She knew she would rather drown.


No one came to save her,

It proved to her that they never did really care.

Just a few more steps to go….

There was a heaviness suddenly in the air.


She focused on the moon now,

Her fear was there in her heart.

The time had come to submerge herself,

It was time for the end to start.


With one final breath she went under.

The saltwater began to take away her tears.

She didn’t panic as her lungs began to burn.

It was almost over, death was so near.


Farewell world – may you realize your cruelty,

You judged, you bullied, you torn me in two.

I close my eyes now and shed one last tear,

My life is over, while you still have you.








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