The lightbulb came on….

While I actually missed posting yesterday, I am finding that it doesn’t stress me out like it did the first time or two.

When I started this journey back in April, I told myself I would post DAILY, no matter what. The first time I missed, I felt so deflated. The sad part to that is that it had nothing to do with not posting for others to read…but it was a personal let down that I felt like I had failed at what I set out to do. Regardless of the fact that a few days I had posted two or three times…I missed that one day and I didn’t complete my journey as intended.

After I sulked for probably half a day, I made sure that I posted that day and somehow felt slightly vendicated that I had gotten myself through that personal crisis and was determined to not allow the failure to happen again.

Let me insert here a side note so that you understand my dispair. I have always seen myself in the more negative light. I saw myself as a failure, someone who never finished ANYTHING in my entire life. I had countless projects that I would start, only to lose interest or motivation or inspiration to complete. So, by missing that first day of posting – I saw only the failure.

Now, like I said, after sulking for awhile I did post that next day and felt like I had avoided the complete meltdown. Then a few weeks later, it happened again. Again, I felt personally devestated and really feared that with this second miss – I would give up.

I managed to pull myself together the next day and got right back to the rythym. Daily posts, sometimes two or three depending on if a message jumped at me that I felt needed to be shared.

When the third missed day happened, I didn’t freak out. Instead, I realized that by missing that day – it allowed me to breathe, clear my head, and then tackle the next day with a sharper mind.

Along the path of this journey, I have been blessed with the opportunity to connect with some great people in the blogging community, all of whom motivate and inspire mw to continue doing what I do!!

If there is a lesson to be learned here, I would focus on the fact that it is okay to deviate from your plans sometimes. There is a reason for the change, even if it is as simple as just to catch your breath and relax for a day. Don’t stress, as it will all work out. As for me – I no longer see myself as a failure. Instead, I now truly realize that adjustments are part of the journey!!

Hope you all have a FABULOUS Sunday!!


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