His broken heart…

Watching a parent grieve for their spouse can be a very difficult thing to endure. They've spent a lifetime together - that life is all they have known. Now the thought of moving on seems like such an impossible task. Their reason for living is now gone - despite whatevee family that remains. It's been... Continue Reading →


Be your own fireworks!!

Why do we only get to shoot off fireworks on the 4th of July, and New Year’s Eve??  Shouldn’t every day be a celebration? I would think so.  I understand that fireworks every single day is not exactly practical, but it should be an option. You can’t deny the exhilaration that you feel when you... Continue Reading →

Keeping it positive…

Whew...that's a really hard one sometimes. There are days when I would really like to share a few things that have been troubling me lately, but my goal with the blog is to find the positives. So, I would like to ask a question tonight. How do you work through frustration and bitterness? Keep it... Continue Reading →

Time to take stock….

When I started my blog back in April I truly had no idea where I wanted to go with it. I have amazed myself at how much my writing has transitioned since the beginning. But it has certainly proved to me that I am capable of some great things. When is the last time you... Continue Reading →

Define the day…

Let's not define the day necessarily by the specific day of the week, or the task associated with it. Start each morning looking at the day for what it is!! You opened your eyes, you have the opportunity to make the choices to turn it into the best day ever. When we are grateful for... Continue Reading →

Don’t fight it…

Why must we fight those closing doors?? I understand there is comfort in the familiar...regardless if it is good for us. Change can be a scary thing. But what if there truly was an entity out there, be it God, the Universe, or whatever philosophy you adhere to, that has your best interests at heart.... Continue Reading →

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