His broken heart…

Watching a parent grieve for their spouse can be a very difficult thing to endure. They've spent a lifetime together - that life is all they have known. Now the thought of moving on seems like such an impossible task. Their reason for living is now gone - despite whatevee family that remains. It's been … Continue reading His broken heart…


Be your own fireworks!!

Why do we only get to shoot off fireworks on the 4th of July, and New Year’s Eve??  Shouldn’t every day be a celebration? I would think so.  I understand that fireworks every single day is not exactly practical, but it should be an option. You can’t deny the exhilaration that you feel when you … Continue reading Be your own fireworks!!

I am the lioness…hear me roar!!!

I used to be so focused on how the world saw me, and even worse – how I allowed that to cloud the way I saw myself. I am no Barbie doll… I have a little extra weight that I need to lose, my natural curly hair stays a frizzy mess with all the humidity … Continue reading I am the lioness…hear me roar!!!

Learning from the spirit within….

She just wanted to rid her mind of all the memories. It took every experience to get her to this point, but some memories still haunted her. Those she’d loved, those she’d lost, and those that had hurt her beyond repair. But they just wouldn’t go away. ‘What will it take to ever be whole?’ … Continue reading Learning from the spirit within….

Are you content with simply being content?

I know you are probably thinking…what kind of ridiculous question is that?! It’s just that I have crossed paths with so many people lately that seem to have much the same outlook on life as I’ve had. They wouldn’t say that they are overjoyed within their life…but that they am content.  There’s no bells and … Continue reading Are you content with simply being content?