Have you ever wanted to just reinvent yourself….?


As I have been going through my own personal transformation journey the past few months, I have thought more and more about wanting to do this very thing.  How nice would that be? It would be a terrifying venture, no doubt, but I can’t help but think it could be very rewarding too.

For me, I have been in essentially the same area all of my life. It is a small town, and while I do not know everyone(it’s not that small), I do feel like I still have to live by the standard of the old me.  The person I was before….s very scared, timid girl who had no voice, kept everything to herself and didn’t dare to really live life.

I have often thought about starting with traveling alone – to new places, where I wouldn’t have to live under the guarded pretense of that scared, frumpy woman who had no life.  Instead, I would dress to fit the new me – the full of life and positive inspiration me. I would speak my mind, I would dare to live life for ME, and however I wanted. I just feel like it would be such a liberating experience. It would allow me to continue to improve myself, and build up even more strengths. I would take my gift to the world.  I would motivate and encourage others to find their own strength to take stock within their own lives.

So, have I lost my mind by wanting to do this??  Sure, that is a possibility.  But, the more I think about it…. the more I am thinking it just might be what is needed!! Let’s see what the future can hold.


2 thoughts on “Have you ever wanted to just reinvent yourself….?

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  1. I think it takes a lot of courage to strike out on your own, but it can also be an incredibly freeing experience that will allow for self-discovery and personal growth. I think you should go for it, if it is feasible. If not, maybe start with baby steps right where you are, working toward the person you want to be.

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