Please…prayers for my fellow Texans…




My heart breaks for my fellow Texans as they are in the midst of the destruction and devastation as a result of Hurricane Harvey.   It may be weeks before we know the true scope of it all. Texas is a huge state, and while I may not be close to disaster area distance wise…I have several friends are located there and therefore, it still affects me.

From time to time the forces of nature have to rear their ugly heads to remind us just how small we really are.  Most people go through life with the mindset ‘oh, that will never happen to me! I live in a safe place.’  It is when we get that complacent that the worst tends to happen. Many will lash out and blame God for allowing this to occur. Cast blame for losing their worldly possessions, even curse him in face of death of a friend or loved one.  They will throw judgement at those perceived to be able to offer assistance, but for whatever reason choose not to. It is one person’s right to decide to help or not help….that is a choice they have to live with.  It is NOT our place to judge or criticize, as it doesn’t accomplish anything.

Rather than casting out blame, or letting the devil take control of your tongue…allow the experience as a whole to humble you. May we learn to appreciate the things that should matter most in our lives – our friends and loved ones. I will never pretend to even remotely comprehend, or understand what those in south Texas are going through, as I have never been through anything like that.

Our world as a whole has seen so much destruction and devastation over the last several years….may be one day find the common ground of humanity and compassion.  Please, say a prayer for all those still in harm’s way. It’s far from over in Texas. The coming weeks, months even…. when the rains finally subside and the flood waters recede…. only then will we be able to gauge the severity left in the ruins. Be kind to one another!!



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