I would definitely say it’s a sign…

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all!’  Well, that’s definitely how I was feeling this morning. It seems like it has just one thing after another for me lately. The icing on the cake today – Mother Nature decided to very rudely tell me it was time to get up by striking the pool house apartment we live in with lightening. Mirrors flew off the wall, globes on the exterior lights fell and busted, and we instantly began to smell the tell-tale order of an electrical fire.

We quickly throw on our shoes and such so that we can rush outside to see if we can assess the damage. That’s when we see what we thought was smoke billowing out of the vents in the roof.  Thank goodness that the equipment room that housed the breaker box and all the pool pump, etc… also housed the hot water heater for our apartment. The force of the strike had blown the hot water lines and water was running spraying down the breakers that had burnt to a crisp and prevented the fire for fully erupting.

As it turned out, our friends in the main house also had things fall from the walls as well as water lines that burst. Once the fire department gave us the all clear, I fumbled around in the dark to get ready for work. It started pouring down rain as I made my 45 minute commute, and all I could think was what else could possibly go wrong.

Then I took a deep breath, and decided to look at this morning’s events as a sign…multiple signs really.  But the most important, was to have a grateful heart! Things could have very easily been so much worse. If I hadn’t hit my snooze, I would have already been up standing in front of that mirror that flew off the bathroom wall. If  the force hadn’t caused the water heater to burst, the entire apartment could have ignited.

I’ve sat at work today reflecting on the whole experience, and while I intend to sit down to an intense meditation session when I get back home….I see this as a sign that it is time to get off my butt,  and get things in order to fulfill my purpose in this life.  I am here to help people, and I’m not doing that very well by still holding on to my shy ways.  I have found my voice…. I need to start using it for good!!! I will certainly be very mindful of showing my gratitude at all times!

There will be much to come me in the coming days, and months… Get ready world…. It’s time for a change!!


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