Why must we cry alone??

We hide our tears so that no one sees,

We wear our mask to make others believe.

Our inner cries forever unheard,

Until this life we beg to leave.


They’ll never understand us,

They only know to judge and put down.

Our scars run so deep now,

We force smiles to hide the frown.


I’m not sure why my thoughts have been so heavy the last few days…my spirit is certainly not there. I know I am on the road to the incredible life that I am destined for!!  But still, there is just so much on my mind.  I guess it’s partly to express that I just might understand some of the things that others are going through too. And it could also be, that in the course of reaching out to help others, I haven’t guarded myself as properly as I should against the dwindling energies of those I seek to help.

It’s time to do a little self healing, and restore my overall persona back to that of the happy, courageous girl that is ready to make a difference!!


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