Faith above all else…

God never gives you a dream that matches your budget. He’s not checking out your bank account, He’s checking out your faith!”

It has started to feel here lately, that my dream keeps growing and expanding to unparralleled proportions. So much so, that I often find myself wondering if it is entirely possible. I’ve had some doubts…doubting the vision itself, doubting my ability to make a real difference, and doubting my capability to make it all happen. Then I came across this message. It reminded me of my gifts of empathy and compassion, and that my desire to be the voice for others is possible and that I mustn’t always look only at what is in front of me. Rather, I am to have FAITH that God himself will present the right doors to me when the time is right.

Faith should have no boundaries – we need to rely on that faith despite our physical limitations, or our monetary limitations, or whatever elae we think is standing in our way. We must still put forth the efforts to move in the right directions.

I will continue to do my research to learn all that I can, and to create the tools that I will need. I will make the time to get back to daily meditation and prayer.

I regret that I allowed myself to stray so far from that. But then, I don’t exactly regret it, because it brought me down the very path I needed to be on to get to the point I am at today – this very moment. I no longer regret anything in my life. I haven’t always made the right choices, and I have battled a lot of demons (and will always continue to do so, I’m sure). But each and every experience has been a lesson, or simply an experience that I needed to go through, in order to now have the vision, or dream, that I have!

I had chosen up to this point, to not take much of a spiritual approach with my posts. But today’s quote made me realize, or more like remember, that if it weren’t for God (or whatever spiritual entity you choose to believe in), without that…nothing would truly ever be possible.

Now, I have no intention of including spiritual symbolism and the like in every post…but today, it just seemed right! I am putting my faith in Him, that doors will open to me soon to take me to the next phase of this incredible journey!!


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