It’s a flouncy, bouncy, pouncy kind of day…


I thought I would have a little fun with today’s post since it is Friday and all. We spend so much time always have to be so professional and grown-up for our jobs, being the adult within the family, etc…just for a day – wouldn’t it be so nice to just be a kid again?!?!  Why can’t we do that very thing?!?!  I’m not saying shuck your responsibilities, but surely there is some way that you can just live life a bit.

We’ve all heard the saying… ‘All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl…’ (or whatever name got used for you).  There is a lot of meaning to that statement though, if you really think about it.  If all you do is go through the motions of daily grown-up life, you get so busy ‘making a living, that you forget to have a life’.

Now, I’m not saying going ride all the death-defying rides at the nearest amusement park.( but if you can physically endure them, they can be a lot of fun!!) But, find something to do.  Do you have kids? Spend the afternoon playing in the sprinkler or pool with them. Got older kids, maybe find a go-cart track and make a few laps.  Or if you are like me, my kids are grown and moved on now – so, I am actually trying to figure out what that ‘fun day’ will be.

I challenge you all…. this weekend, make a plan to relax a little and have some fun!  Let go of the stress & tension of the office.  Enjoy a beautiful day outside, go for a picnic, whatever…but just breathe and live life to the fullest for one day.  You will be amazed at how good you feel afterwards. You just might decide to do it on a more regular basis!! 🙂




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