Don’t bottle it up…

I used to the quiet girl sitting over in the corner who thought that what she had to say didn’t matter.  I allowed people to run all over me because I didn’t have the strength or courage to stand up for myself. Now, I’m not sure exactly where those perceptions came from, but they have been deep rooted since a very young age.

That is most definitely NOT a good way to live life though, let me tell you!! I guess you could say that I have been in my protective cocoon almost all my life.  But, earlier this year – those walls began to crumble. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it feels to finally be free. And I feel like my wings are extending wider and wider every single day.

There comes a very strong sense of inner peace with being able to open your mouth and say exactly what you feel. When you keep all of your emotions bottled up inside, without fully processing them, it does so much damage to your inner self.  It can make you physically sick. Even worse, it can almost cripple you within life. You keep yourself inside those protective walls, and never get the chance to experience what it is to LIVE.

I know for me, I never felt I could break free because I would be all alone. There wouldn’t be anyone there to support me or encourage me that I was making the right choice.  That fell back to the fact that I lived a very co-dependent life.  I always needed that approval, or validation, from others that let me know that I was alive for a reason.  Depression, anxiety, self-harm, etc…I dealt with all of that.

But I have finally reached that point, I am ok with ME exactly as I am at this very moment.  I can’t be anything more or different that what I am right this second.  I can continue to grow, and improve, and better myself of course…but at any given second in time… what/who I am right then is what/who I am.  I accept that.  Tomorrow, will be better.  The next day, will be better still… and each day after that.

Realizing my purpose in this life, has been the quintessential best reward ever. Now, I can move forward knowing that I am here to share my stories, and help others emerge from their cocoons as well.  It’s time for everyone to spread their wings.  There will always be someone who cares, who will support you and encourage you…. you just have to look for them.  Be strong, have faith, and accept yourself! You are capable of wonderful things!!

if anyone ever needs to reach out for support, please…don’t hesitate.  Drop an email if you would like… is my personal email….it’s ok.  I will be the support when no one else is there….



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  1. We all have lived through the same experiences – Looking for approvals, opinions, suggestions, validations and affirmations from our near and dear ones!! Never really works! I just loved this post! Its straight from your heart and it shows! And above all I love the fact that you ended the post saying “I will be the support when no one else is there….” That’s so sweet of you! Stay Blessed!

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