Time to challenge the storms….

What if the storms aren’t really trying to drown you, but instead are only trying to wash you clean? Have you stopped and thought about it like that before? I know I never really have.  I’ve always been so focused on the worst case scenario – and that the storms of life were absolutely going to destroy me.

But now thinking about this alternate outlook…. let life throw every storm it wants to at me.  I will stand there and just let it wash away everything that is weighing me down.  If things are rough on a particular day, how about trying a little experiment… Step into the shower at the end of the day and literally let everything rinse right off and go down the drain.  It sounds funny, I know…but it works.  Close your eyes and step under the spray of the hot shower, or even cool water if that’s your preference. As you go through your motions to physically clean yourself, consider it all on a deep level. The shampoos and soaps help to strip all of the negative away for the day.  Then just let the water rinse you clean.

I would be willing to bet that if you take this experiment seriously….by the time you emerge from the shower to dry off – you will feel so much better.  So, when you are having a really bad day, wouldn’t it at least be worth a try?!?!  Then you can look at the storms head on, and confidently say… BRING IT ON!!


3 thoughts on “Time to challenge the storms….

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      1. Yes, I think the “visualizing” all of the troubling stuff being washed off and going down the drain would really aid in a positive mental outlook. : )

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