It’s Monday again already?!?!

For me at least, it just keeps getting harder and harder to get up and go to work on Monday mornings. I guess it’s because in my heart, this is not MY dream…and I’m getting tired of helping someone else chase theirs.

We all bust our butts Monday – Friday, and if we are lucky enough that we aren’t exhausted from that, we have two daya to try and live a life for ourselves. Sadly, I know several people that only get Sundays to do that. How exactly is that fair? It’s really not, but there’s not a lot the average person can do about it. If we want to have a roof over our head & have food to eat – going through those motions under someone’s rule is a necessary evil.

Do you have a dream that can get you out of that cycle?  Then what is your holdup on going after that dream?!?! Aren’t your goals and dreams worth recognition too?!  You may have the next greatest idea out there.

So, let’s make it through this Monday…but do one thing that is a step toward YOUR dream!!


4 thoughts on “It’s Monday again already?!?!

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    1. My ultimate goal is multi-faceted….and will take time to build to all that I want. But, it all revolves around helping others on their personal journey as the support and motivation that they need. Starting this blog was my initial step towards that. I have been told repeatedly by several close to me that I have a special gift with my words and my ability to listen and be compassionate. As my strength and courage grows, I plan to publish books which will include a lot of my blog posts, categorized into helpful topics. I will be going for my life coach certification by the first of the year. There will be an empowerment group, an inspirational/motivational gift shop, and lastly, several years down the road- the retreats/events as I am able to network with other life coaches. Are they big dreams? Very much so! Do they scare me? Absolutely!! I will be doing whatever it takes to bring every bit of it to life!!!

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