Light your own way

Everything you need is already inside of you. Don’t wait for others to light your way. You have you own matches.

It’s time to stop thinking that you need someone else there to complete you, or light your way in life.

Maybe you should take a look in the mirror, and learn to see that beautiful, smart, amazing person looking back at you. You just have to learn to believe in yourself.

I know that’s not an easy thing, having faith in yourself. I used to be so bad about thinking I wasn’t capable of being alone, or doing the important things in life. But life decided that I needed to start thinking differently.

I sat one day and thought back to my childhood, and the Sunday school class at church. We used to sing this song…’this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine…’ There were multiple verses to it, talking about about hiding my light, letting the devil blow it out, etc..’I’m going the devil blow it out…NO! I’m going to let it shine.’ And for once, I finally got it. I am my own light.

Dig down into your soul, look at yourself in the mirror. Look into your eyes. ‘I AM AMAZING! I AM CAPABLE! ‘

You got this…you hold the matches in your hand. Now, light your inner fire and go make an impact on life!


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