What’s the hold up??

So, what exactly is the hold up? Why aren’t you out doing all of those things that you truly want to do? I don’t want to hear the typical excuses of no time, no money, etc.  If doing any of those things was really THAT important to you…you would find a way to do it? Right??? You know I’m right. Believe me, i know I am just as guilty of using the excuses as the next person, but I am thinking it is time to seriously look at the things I want to do in life.

It’s time to prioritize that list. I am very much a ‘make a list’ kind of person.  So…ok, let me make a few lists then. Divide it into the really BIG things like extravagant trip or a major purchase, and then another list that has the smaller things like reading certain books, take myself to the movies,etc.  Try whatever method works for you…but don’t let all of those ideas continue to sit on the back burner waiting for the perfect time to make them happen. Because in all honesty, the PERFECT time will probably never come.

Creating a bucketlist has become the newest craze it seems. People say it about everything…but, how many of you actually have a bucketlist.  Don’t just mean a few ideas in your head.  Maybe it’s a special journal or bulletin board with pictures and various other notations about things you want to do.  Now, don’t take this the wrong way…. but for a very long time – I did not see the point of a bucketlist!! It was just going to be a big list of a bunch of things that I will update realistically never have or do. So, why set myself up for the disappointment of looking at those ‘pipe dreams ‘? 

But after seeing a dear friend get really sick from cancer, and pass away…I thought about things a little differently. What if I ever found that it that I was sick, or only had a certain length of time to live…what would be a few things I really longed to do before I got too sick to enjoy them? What would be the memories that I wanted to make with my loved ones? While I still haven’t physically start a journal or anything, I have been forming ideas in my mind….and plan to start working on several things.  Actually, starting this blog has been the first step toward one of those items on my list.

So…. what’s your take is n it all? I would love to hear your ideas. Remember, if it is important…you will find ways to make it happen. It’s time to life live to the utmost fullest you possibly can!!!


6 thoughts on “What’s the hold up??

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  1. I have lists for everything, including restaurants, exhibits, books, movies, etc. but my bucket list is all travel. My goal is to visor all 50 states (this year I saw Maine for the first time). I also want to go to Australia, Venice, Wimbledon and the French open. After I finish that, maybe I’ll add other places.

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  2. I think bucket lists are important, but I too haven’t spent a lot of time on mine. They’re important to help as a guide, at least provide some direction to help figure out your goals or the things you like. But it shouldn’t ever stress you out to worry if you’re not following it. Good things to think about here!

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