How do you find your balance?


Finding your balance in life is really not an easy thing to do! There are careers, family, yourself…and of course, then each of those categories breaks down into dozens of different roles that may apply.  Is it even realistic to fathom that a balance of all that is remotely possible??

Well, realistic or not…the balance is a necessity!  And one very important thing to remember is if you don’t take care of yourself first…all the rest are pretty irrelevant! So, to me…in relation to the picture…that is self on the bottom.  Devote the most time there…build the strongest foundation with your own self. Then prioritize the order in which the rest falls.

Some might say to me that this is a selfish way to approach it…committing so much to oneself – above everyone/everything else.  Why should that be considered selfish?? Why should we compromise our own health and/or well-being? Yet, there will be those around you in your life that expect you to do that very thing. It’s time to stand up for yourself.

If you don’t love yourself enough to put yourself first, then you are opening the door for a very sad, and demanding life.  It is up to you to find the best methods to accomplish that balance.  Maybe it is as simple as once a week, or even a month, doing something for yourself.  Ladies, maybe it’s an afternoon at the salon getting your hair or nails done, or maybe a relaxing massage to untie all the knots that the week has caused.  Or guys, how about a day at the golf course, or whatever you would consider to be fun.

The point is that by making the decision to build a strong and stable foundation within yourself, you are automatically showing others around you how you desire to be treated.  Love and respecting yourself like that, will bring more love and respect into your life.  Once you have that foundation under control, each level going upwards will position itself just right so that you can conquer it all and never look back.

Believe in yourself…and watch how strong you can be!! Guys and gals alike….I challenge you to make yourself a priority for once, and see what a difference it can make!!!



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