Keep it simple…

Sometimes those that you have helped, turn around and return the favor. That happened to be the case for me today. I’m sure my posts the last few days have reflected the dip in my overall mood. I have tried to wear my mask in my every day life…but somehow, I am moved to let it slide a bit here.

I have been getting all sorts of positive feedback on here since I started blogging, but to have a personal friend tell me today just what an impact I have made on her and how she looks up to me…that brought my life back into perspective some. I was sharing a bit of what I was feeling today and how I was trying so hard to keep it to myself. She reminded me that it’s perfectly ok to cry and all the other things because it shows that I have real emotion and that I am only human.  Then she told me…if you don’t let out all the bad stuff once in awhile, you’ll end up breaking one day.

We talked more about other things and then she told me how she struggles with starting things, and never finishing them. I remember a time about a year ago when I was at my breaking point and opened up to another friend about that very topic. I had begun to look back over my life, and I started trying to think of a single thing that I had finished in my life. The more I looked, it was almost suffocating.  

My friend said…Did you get up yesterday? Yes…. Did you go to bed last night? Yes…. Then he said…’Guess what, you finished something.’ I was so wrapped up in the big things, feeling so worthless… that I had lost sight of the simple victories. I finished a single day. I made a commute to work, finished my work day…suddenly, my list of finished things was practically endless.

It sounds almost too simple right? But when you are in a place of such struggle…. that’s exactly how you need to look at things….SIMPLE! I promise, it will start to make a difference.


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