Do you know who you are?

It is so easy to let this happen. I have really been thinking about this a lot lately though. Why do we find it so easy to conform to everybody else’s expectations of us? They expect us to be as close to perfect as possible, all the while maintaining the various roles within the circle of life. 

I can say that for myself, I know I have lost myself along the way. The problem with that is I don’t know exactly at what point in life that happened! Or I could also say that I feel like it has happened a few different times…. and I guess that can actually happen. Each scenario in life subjects you to new people, new situations, etc., and therefore, we feel we must bend ourselves to fit the roles they expect of us. 

It’s time to take a deep breath and put yourself first for a change. Figure out who you are at your core, and then live for that person. Finding that person is not always an easy task, but if you truly value your own identity, then you will do what it takes. Think about what makes you happy, on every level…from the simple things to the things that make you happy at your deepest core. Then go do those things and become who you are truly supposed  to be!!


3 thoughts on “Do you know who you are?

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  1. It is a very easy thing to happen, especially in our culture that puts so much pressure on us to fit in, to spout what is politically correct “group-think” jargon, and to hinder individual thought, especially if is departs from what is “socially acceptable” or “out of the box”. It is easy to lose ourselves, over time, as we, as individuals, are pressured to swallow personal opinions, keep things to ourselves, and conform. It is a challenge to maintain one’s own unique perspective. Great post! : ) You have been tagged in the mystery blog award!

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      1. You are welcome! That is a beautiful and noble goal, and one worthy of admiration. It is wonderful that you wish to help others and leave the world a little better place. If only everyone else had the same views. : )

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