Those stepping stones are killing my toes…

Why is it so hard sometimes to just get my thoughts all together in one place?!?!  My goodness, I have been trying all day to come up with a fitting post. I start it, I delete it. I start it again, I delete it again.  It's been a vicious cycle that is certainly beginning to... Continue Reading →


What are your dreams worth?

Every time I would come upon an obstacle, I used to grimace and give up.  I thought that I wasn't good enough to do whatever it was I happened to be doing.  I took on so much self-pity and even outright self-loathing.  Oh my, I was in such a bad place for so many years of... Continue Reading →

It’s time to do it different.

This truly is a dangerous phrase!! It's like we are so afraid that if we do something different, we might mess up what we already have. What we need to stop and think about though is that by doing something different we just might end up in a much better place than we were before.... Continue Reading →

Have you lost your inner child???

It's sad to think that society has conditioned us to believe that just because we have reached our adult life, that we can't still have fun once in awhile. For me personally, life's circumstances and situations as I was growing up - I often felt like that youngster inside me got lost along the way... Continue Reading →

Are you ready for your wings???

We often spend our entire lives pretending to be someone who we're not. We let everyone around us dictate how we live our lives. We let them take away our identity, and therefore, leave our voice forever silent. We think that if we keep everything to ourselves we won't hurt anyone else, or cause trouble... Continue Reading →

It only comes from within….

It took me a very long time to truly come to terms with this one. The very thought that we even give so much power to others, to be our peace, that is a sad and frightening thought. I tried looking everywhere. The more I looked, the more miserable I become.  I was determined that... Continue Reading →

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