How can I possibly help the masses???

Sometimes there comes along that once person that you desperately want to help, but when you do….it totally blows up in you face.I am a bit nervous that I damaged a friendship beyond repair.  I am such a nonconfrontaí person. All I ever wanted to do was protect someone from going down the same path I went.  
How am I every going to believe that I can help the masses?!. I am at a loss today..

I came to the lake house for a bit to try and help me think and Rationalize this all out. I know,you can’t see their own problem and so can’t even befinw to help themselves.

But when someone you Care about so much- probably because she reminds me so much of me at that age….I’m just trying to keep her from making the same Mistakes I did.

But, I the process of last night…right now i will be lucky if she ever comes to me again.. My biggest fear right now is that I all never help anyone, but only make matters worse.

Can I regain the strength to get myself back on track……I have to!! There are out there that I can help…there’s got to be!!! This was a test for me, one that I failed on many levels. And proved that I am but a human with feelings and love and compassion….

Until next time…


7 thoughts on “How can I possibly help the masses???

  1. Such a touching post. It’s so hard watching history repeat itself. I’ve been there. I hope that she’ll come around and realize that you only want to help. It’s because you care… Hugs 💗

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  2. They say life gives us one of two teachers: 1) a mentor, to learn from their wisdom and experience, or 2) pain
    Too many times (especially when we are young), we will reject the helpful words of advice and great example because we want to “find out for ourselves” and that is where the pain comes in. We usually end up making the very mistakes we were warned about. The sad thing is, some people never seem to learn, so they make the same mistake over and over, and with those what can anyone do? Just leave them and hopefully the “light” will come on. Take care, and thanks for you very real and inspirational posts.

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    1. Thank you for your words…I have learned from this incident that it is not always going to be my place to help save everyone. I said my peace, and it is up to that friend to retain any of that. If she doesn’t, well…I tried. I did my part as a friend. I will not let this deter me from sharing my life stories and various thoughts in am effort to continue to help others. I have learned another valuable lesson from this, and will be one that I will share again from time to time to help others. Thank you for reading my work!!

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      1. Yeah, we can’t save the world, but I think your heart is in the right place. Just don’t give all your oil away– you probably are thinking WHAT? I heard this story years ago, but I think there is truth in it. There once was a lighthouse keeper, and the light house was run on oil. It was his responsibility to make sure the light consistently had enough oil to guide the ships so they would not crash on the rocky shore. But he had a good heart. Villagers would come to him when they were running low on oil themselves to light their homes, and, not wanting anyone to suffer, would give them some. Well, a shortage came and the all the village had run out, so villager after villager would come to him for “just a bit”, and he kept giving it to them, not realizing how low his own supply was getting. Then, a bad storm came up, and he went to light the light, but it was bone dry. So he went about the village trying to gather up enough oil to light the light, but no one had any to spare. There were many deaths that night, because of his too generous heart. The same with ourselves– we can pour ourselves out, trying to help others, even give every last drop of blood, and many will not appreciate our efforts, our concern…. so just do what you can to make your corner of the world a better place, but don’t give it all– you need something for you too. : ) Thank you for sharing! I always enjoy reading your thought provoking words.

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