Believe in the positives…


So many people think that life is always supposed to be a bed of roses. Come on now….that’s just not the reality!! Some of the most important lessons come from the most intense situations.

When someone has been through the hardest of times, they often have the most to offer to others. I know I’ve heard several times of recovering alcoholics or drug addicts becoming the best counselors. Or someone who has truly fought the battle with depression and all things associated with it…they use their pain, and the lessons they learned from it, to help others who are dealing with similar situations.

One of the biggest obstacles is to find the strength to see past the pain, beyond the devastation… To find the lesson, the positive. I assure you that even in the darkest of situations, there is always a positive whether we choose to see it or not.

I hear you… How in the world can the darkest have a positive? I agree that no one should have to suffer heartache, illness, loss, or even death…. But there has got to be the positive side. It may take a lot of assistance from others around you to help you figure it all out, but that’s ok.

I think for me, learning to look for those positives, the lessons in the situations… That is what has finally brought me the inner peace that I was desperately missing. If I can help someone else find that relief as well… Then that’s reassuring that it was all meant to be.


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