Don’t be such a stick in the mud…

Where in the rulebook of life does it say that just because you are an adult, you can’t allow your inner child to still play once in awhile???

Hmm, oh yea…there is no rulebook!!! In the rat race of the adult world, it is honesty pretty nice to take a little break sometimes. Believe me, its usually much needed too.

With all our responsibilities such as our job, bills, family, etc., it is perfectly ok to just step back, take a deep breath, and do something with a wild and carefree spirit. Next time it rains, instead of rushing into the house like one drop is going to make you melt… Throw aside the umbrella and just play in the rain for a minute. Or how about the next time you need to clean house… Turn on some music, then sing and dance your way through the cleaning. It will make it more bearable a chore, I promise you that.

There are all sorts of ways to let your inner child come out to play. You will be thankful afterwards. It will make the mundane monotony of ever day life ok again. And you will look forward to your next little escape. 


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