Do you believe in magic?

I keep hearing this kind of stuff from those closest to me! My gift of words, understanding, compassion, empathy… I’m told the list goes on. Even with as big as my dreams are, I still struggle some with such gleaming compliments. There’s that split second within that feels so undeserving. I guess to some degree, I may always have some of my flaws such as that.
I try so hard to encourage the world around me to be positive, to be strong in who they are….yet, a lot of days I really need to ‘practice what I preach’…lol!

I do know that I need to make the time to get back to daily meditations. That had such an impact on me before. As did the Reiki sessions that I took. I think of all the things I tried when I was going through my darkest times was all of the energy work that I engaged in. It allowed me to start to completely believe in myself and all that I was capable of.

I dont ever want to appear too boastful…that I have talent or gifts. I am simply and average girl, who goes to work every day – at a job I dont really like anymore, and I crave to be involved with making the lives of others better! I have so much to do…. no college education to back anything up… Just a fire in my soul that says this is what I’m supposed to do!


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