Do you truly know yourself??

We’ve all heard the quote, “To thine own self be true!” 
Here’s a little problem., or dilemma if you will, that I see with that. How true can you really be to yourself, if you dont really know who YOU are? This certainly proved true for me most of my life.

When I ask someone ‘Who are you?’, they come up with this long list of the ‘non-fundamental’ stuff like jobs, favorite things, etc. That’s not really YIU, but rather more a list of the details.

Now- knowing the details is important too, but who are you really…at your core?

Hmm, so, just who am I? That’s a question that has been asked since…well, the beginning of time I’m sure.

The answer stems  back to the day you opened your eyes. Now, you can take that both literally and figuratively. The day you were born, your ‘creator’ knew who you were destined to be. The challenge lies in learning to connect to your true self – what do I love.what am I truly passionate about, what do I get really excited about??

We all subject ourselves to becoming like the hamster on its wheel…never really going anywhere because we are stuck, always running in the same place. We worry about the future, what the outcome will be. But we never really take the time to simply look at the here and now.

Sure, the dreams of the future are great, and important. But it’s the here and now that will get bus there.

When we learn to connect to our TRUE self… There is such reward in that! There’s freedom, understanding and even peacefulness.

Ok… Challenge time… Take a piece of paper and write out everything g you know about yourself. Mark off the personality traits(likes, dislikes, etc) and see what’s left.

Thats your starting point. Open the door and find the true you! Then ask yourself again… ‘Who am I?”


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