Sunday Fun day…or maybe not…

I actually set up my account here on January 1…but it took a life changing epifany in mid April for me to actually gain the courage to write that first blog.  Now just over 3 months and roughly 150 blogs later, here we are with July almost over? Where has the time gone?? I feel I still have so much to learn about the blogging world in general, but I can honestly say that glancing back over some of my first posts- I do see how I have changed in the way I write, and even comment on others work.  I write more from the heart, and from a much deeper place in my mind now. While my intention was, and still is, to help motivate others to transform their own lives….I realized that by sharing on a more personal level here, that might be just what the doctor ordered. When we feel that we can truly relate to something, because we’ve experienced that very thing or at least something similar, then it helps everything make much more sense.

Life is such a complex and often complicated venture. Everyone is born with a purpose in life, and their own unique set of lessons to learn. I will be the first to admit, I have not always had such a positive outlook on life and all the things it throws at me. I’ve even shared a few things in various posts so far, and will do much more of that I’m sure.  But I have learned through my own experiences, that we have to look for the positives in every situation, even the ones where we think there should be no positives. I may not always offer my perspective to others…. at least not right away. Sometimes, their experience needs time to work itself out.  But when the time is right, will share my thoughts. 

If I can offer someone even the slightest bit of hope that things will be ok in life, that’s what I’m here to do.  I process things on a deeper level than most, but I’m finding that to be a beneficial trait. The thoughts of the spiritual and energy realms used to confuse and almost terrify me. But, now they intrigue me, and allow me to look beyond  what is the obvious.  I do believe that the gifts of compassion and empathetic ways will be the very things that allow me to succeed in this life.

Thank you to everyone who has chose to follow my blog…and I hope that if ever there comes a time that I can help you, or offer the right words of inspiration and encouragement…please reach out!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Fun day…or maybe not…

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  1. You’re absolutely correct. I agree that sharing you, your personal journey, that is best. For me personally, those are the blogs I prefer to read.
    It’s funny because I had a co-worker say to me that she doesn’t understand personal blogging, she feels it’s too much sharing. Lol. It’s interesting how all of us humans are so very different.

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  2. It took me a long time to write my first blog post because I was scared but I’m glad I’m started. I feel I’ve grown as a person because i share my story in my posts. I too want to help people through my writing. Thank you for sharing your story.

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