I don’t want to simply fit in…

‘I wasn’t born to fit into this world – I was born to create a new one!’

As each day passes, I am beginning to feel that this somewhat applies to me!! I’ve always said that I’ve got a very old soul, that simply doesn’t belong in this time. But, what if it’s not about the old soul needing to go backwards in time? Instead, its the old soul finding a way to bring back the more peaceful, loving way of life! Just maybe I am a part of that!!

Whatever happened to the days when a person’s word actually meant something, and deals were done by a mere handshake? You didn’t have to lock your doors at night or worry about the person on the side of the road by what looked like a broke down car. Yo could trust people.

Oh, I know…most people probably think it’s incredibly naive of me to even entertain the thoughts that life could ever be like that again. But, really…. If we never take the time to THINK like that, then we will never make the tome to make it BE like that.

Ok, so I may be much of a spiritualist, or something like that. The way I see it, we all bleed the same damn color…RED. So, why the heck should skin color matter. And why on earth do people think that they need all that artificial stimulants stuffed up their noses or poured into their veins. All any of that does is just create a nastier world to live in.

What is so wrong with wanting to believe in a possibility of love among all? Or valuing the very gift of life itself? Naive of me…. No, I dont think so. I do see the reality of lie and the world for what it is!! I am simply an Empath at heart that still believes in the goodness of others…whether they choose to see it or not! 


3 thoughts on “I don’t want to simply fit in…

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  1. It’s difficult being that type of empathetic person, because you expect to hold people to the same kind standards as you. And, sadly, it’s always disappointing. Not to be negative😶…just an observation and something I’ve realized.

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